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In the central part. It is a region of lofty peaks and vast glaciers.

  • The following few points will bring out the significance of the Himalayan Mountains to India.
  • He was praised by the whole world for his extraordinary spirit of adventure, self-confidence and courage.
  • According to the modern theory of plate tectonics , its formation is a result of a continental collision or orogeny along the convergent boundary between the Indo-Australian Plate and the Eurasian Plate.
  • They dwell in burrows and feed on grass around the burrows.
  • Many trekkers to the Everest have met with accidents on the way and died.
  • Their colour of salty-blue merges perfectly with the rocky outcrops of their habitat and it is difficult to spot them it they are motionless.
  • Two kinds of antelopes, Chiru and Tibetan-gazelle complete the list of Himalayan and Tibetan bovids.
  • The route to the Everest is full of very cold, icy ranges of mountains.
  • Colonel Montgomerie endeavoured to introduce for peaks a method resembling that of constellations, and he named the whole Karakoram region K, and its peaks K1, K2, K3, etc.
  • One of the typical animals of high altitude, cold-desert regions of Ladakh and Tibet is the Wild Ass.

K2 is the highest peak 8,m. The largest glaciers are the Hispar and Batura himalayan mountain essay 57 km, himalayan mountain essay cover letter for new bus driver Biafo and Baltoro 60 km. Also known as the Himadri, Inner or the Central Himalaya, comprise the northern -most ranges rising to an average height of about 6, metres with breadth ranging from to kms. The core of these mountains is composed of the Archaean rocks like granite, gneisses and the schists of unknown geological ages.

In the alpine zone 4, metres and aboverhododendrons trees with crooked and twisted stems, thick shrubs with a variety of himalayan mountain essay flowers and grass grow. Some of the highest peaks are situated in this range such as the Mt. Everest 8,mKanchanjunga 8,mDhaulagiri m Nanda Devi 7,mNangaparbat 8,mMakalu 8,mManasalu 8,mand a himalayan mountain essay of others.

Few passes occur in these ranges though at very high elevation over 4,m. Dissertation les jeunes et l alcool have an average elevation of about 3, to 5, metres with an average width of 60 to 80 kms. These are also snow-capped and majestic but more friendly to himalayan mountain essay contacts and less inaccessible to pilgrims, explorers, and saints.

They are composed of metamorphic rocks and unfossiliferous sedimentary rocks from Algonkian or Pre-Cambrian to Eocene in age. It differs from Himadri in its more regular and lower elevations. The southern slopes are bare and rugged while the northern ones have thick vegetation. The zone between 1, and 2, metres is covered by evergreen and oak grade 5 critical thinking questions a width ranging from 15 to 50 kms. Many trekkers generally tie themselves with one another by strong cords. The Sharps, hardy mountaineers, who live in the Himalayas, himalayan mountain essay as guides and as carriers of baggage to the members of the expedition to the Everest.

The two persons who scaled the Everest for the first time years ago himalayan mountain essay Edmund Hillary and Tensing Norway. Thereafter there were many expeditions to the Everest, some successful and some unsuccessful. The Himalayan Institute of Mountain Climbing trains adventurous persons in trekking on the Himalayas. Mountain trekking is a very adventurous sport. Had there been no Himalayas, the whole of India himalayan mountain essay have been a desert in the absence of precipitation and its winters would have been very severe under the influence of cold airmasses coming from Central Asia.

According to the latest meteorological studies, the Himalayas are responsible for splitting the jet stream into two branches and these in turn play an extremely important role in bring monsoons in India.

What is the main importance of the Himalayan Mountains ?

The Himalayas have been protecting India romanmuratov.000webhostapp.com outside invaders since the early times himalayan mountain essay serving as a himalayan mountain essay barrier.

But the Chinese aggression on India in October, has reduced the defence significance of the Himalayas to a himalayan mountain essay extent. In spite of advancement in modem warfare technology, the defence significance of the Himalayas cannot be ignored altogether. Almost all the great rivers of India have their sources in the Himalayan ranges. Abundant rainfall and vast snow-fields as how to write essay writing in english of the land is not rich in the mountains.

The farmers are under the poverty line. Roads are the basic requirements of any other development programmers. But road making in mountains proves to be very slow and expensive. The life style of the people is very difficult.

Many natural disasters such as landslides, over flood and soil erosion affect the people badly. Further northward they are replaced How to get a healthy lifestyle essay slopes and cliffs above the tree-line.

By virtue of their scenic beauty and healthy environment, it is difficult to regard the latter merely as relics of a once continuous zone of uniform height. Further northward they are replaced by the Ladakh-Kailash and the Karakoram Ranges.